Erasmus Day – Madeira

Students participated in the celebration of Erasmus Day at the school. The activity was attended by all Erasmus projects that are taking place in our school, as well as other guests. Among the guests were the Director of Youth Services, the Secretariat of Education of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and the Theater Group “Metaphor”. All the guests gave their testimonies about their Erasmus experience, how that experience has changed their lives, the importance of these projects in the school environment and how they increasingly encourage students and teachers to break with the old methodologies. Students from our Open Science Schooling project also gave their testimonies. They gave Poland a greater emphasis on mobility and on everything that happened there. They made their project known, their initial expectations and their opinions about their experience throughout the project. They told their story based on the video they made and went to the contest in Lukow. All these testimonies were shared with our educational community.

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