A Solar and wind energy in the Madeira Island?

In this activity the team of students had the presence and dynamism of the Engineer José Carlos Magro, Renewable Energy Specialist in insular areas. The objective of this activity was to know the perspective and knowledge that this expert had on the energy obtained through the sun and the wind, with more emphasis on the second.
Throughout this activity the students and the facilitator could debate ideas and clarify doubts. It was possible to conclude which areas of Madeira Island have a higher incidence / radiance of the sun for better use of solar energy. As well as the heights of the year in which the values are higher or lower. The participants came to these conclusions through the discussion, the analysis of data collected over the years, the analysis of graphs. All this information was provided by Eng. Carlos Magro. It was also possible to know and manipulate / experiment / test some of the instruments that are used to collect and process the data that were used.
The students also discovered the limitations of these energy sources, of the mistakes that have already been made on our island, in terms of the energy efficiency associated with these, of the importance and necessity of conducting studies / experiments to know the potentials / effectiveness / efficiency of the exploitation of a certain source of renewable energy in our Island, mainly due to our specificities.