A Solar and wind energy in the Madeira Island – EBSGZ?

Following the project, the students made an exploratory fild trip along the Island of Madeira. Its objectives were: to know, on the spot, the different energy infrastructures of existing renewable energies; to know, in loco, the importance of the courses of water-taken to the mini hydro power stations; to know, in loco, the importance of the hidden precipitation in the supply of the soils and consequently of the mini hydric ones; recognize the importance of studying wind and radiation; know the advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaic and wind systems; know other small applications of solar energy (solar radiation), solar cookers (roasting sweet potatoes).

This activity was guided by the Engineer Carlos Magro, who has supported the students in this project. This professional was responsible for many of the studies and data collection that they based: which are the most profitable renewable energies; what are the best locations and the advantages and disadvantages.

In this activity students (re) knew: the importance of data collection (wind study and solar radiation); the instruments used to collect such data; how these instruments should be applied and their location; the errors that were committed because of the lack of exhaustive data collection studies; obstacles in collecting data; application of the data collected by the IPMA – Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, a place that the students had previously explored.