Science Festival In Warsaw

Our Polish partner took part in the laboratory workshops organised during the
Science Festival. Classes were held at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. They covered three different issues, and each workshop lasted 90 minutes.

  1. Brain section workshops – the young people learned about the structure and functions of the brain, but also the exact structure of neurons. The most attractive part of the course was the opportunity to learn about the brain structure of a cow and a pig, both fresh and formally fixed.
  2. Heart section – the students learned about heart structure, as well as the blood circulation in the human body and the detailed structure of various muscle cells as microscopic slides.
  3. Daphnia, its biology, living environment – students were given detailed morphological structure and physiology, however, the most interesting stage of these classes was their vital observation of beating heart or even hearts, because we observed the “newborns” of the daphnia still in the breeding chamber.

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