Body Worlds & Museum of Evolution

On February 27th, 2019, our students involved in the activities of the Erasmus +  Open Science Schooling project, took part in a trip to Warsaw.   During a visit to the Museum of Evolution we watched dinosaur skeletons found in the Gobi Desert, including a huge, herbivorous sauropod and predatory tarbosaurus  – the oldest known frog (Triassic), numerous fossils (also ammonites located near Łuków)  and the newest exhibition “Evolution in the Sea” with the ichthyosaur models  phenomenally floating under the ceiling.  We also took a closer look at the highest building in Warsaw (42 floors, 237 m high, 3288 rooms, power consumption comparable to the needs of a city of 30,000 people),
which is the Palace of Culture and Science. In this object we visited the fascinating exhibition “Bodyworlds” – 160 anatomical preparations, fixed with plastics in the so-called method plastination.
The exhibition gave us an unusual and inaccessible look on a daily basis knowledge about the structure of the human body, its appearance and functions of individual organs – it was like a three-dimensional anatomic atlas. More at: