Mobility 2019

Dear students, teachers and partners!

Our OSS mobility is perhaps the most important event in the project.


Because during this mobility we will discuss what we have learned from the many science missions, identify the most important things in the missions – and start creating elements for the final outcomes of the project: the Guide and the Students Video.

This is important, because the real mission of OSS is to offer good guidance to other students, teachers and school in Europe on how they can organise critical science missions.

The mobility will therefore move from discussing what you learned from the missions, to how we together can formulate and describe the most important things we learned – and finally to creating some useful material for the final outcomes and for the project web.

To make this happen, you need to prepare a little bit for the mobility – and we need to plan, at the end of the mobility, how to go on creating material for the most important outcomes: the Guide and the Student Video!

The agenda has been created with as much simplicity as possible to make the mobility manageable for the many students.

We hope you are prepared for a lot of hard and exciting work!

The student team captains should be prepared to play an important organising role during and after the mobility!

Students from each country must be organised in 2 teams and be given a number as described below.

  • Escola Básica e Secundária Gonçalves Zarco, Portugal: Two student teams – PT 1 and PT 2
  • Platon, Greece: Two student teams – GR 1 and GR 2
  • Gimnazjum nr 2 im. ks. Stanislawa Konarskiego, Poland: Two student teams – PL 1 and PL 2
  • Pasvalio Levens pagrindine mokykla, Lithuania: Two student teams – LT 1 and LT 2
  • Pere Fontdevila, Catalonia Spain: Two student teams – CAT 1 and CAT 2
  • Ironi Bet School, Modi’in Israel: One student team – IL

In total 9 student teams – each team 3-5 students

More information coming later!