Science and Art project “Let’s capture the Nature”

  • Oss initiative “We Apply Science while making Natural bookmarks”
  • Integrating OSS into learning English our students were offered to do  the “Leaf Investigation” We studied the shapes and qualities of different leaves, their texture and colors.
  • We went on “a nature hunt” to collect and identify different kinds of leaves;

Our Leaves feel:   

What shapes are the leaves? 

  • Like a hand
  • Like a fan
  • Like a heart
  • Like an oval
  • Like a raindrop 

Observations and other riches

  • Leaves have veins
  • Leaves have stems
  • Leaves can be different colors
  • Leaves can be used for decorations! (This is how we came up with the idea of making the Bookmarks )


We collected different leaves and flowers

We mounted them on the paper, pressed and let them dry out

In 2 weeks we collected the leaves

Ready to use

We started creating

The Activity requires accuracy and patience

But the result is amazing!