How it all started

• Trying to identify how Open Science Schooling can be practiced in our school and community we have found out that there are many ways to do it.
• First, we integrated the OSS into our curriculum (Science, English, Art and Technologies)
• The teachers planned their work with the students so that to satisfy the needs of the curriculum and the project’s ideas.

  1. Reflexions about learning SCIENCE:

Can Science be exciting and interesting during the lessons ?
Can Science be useful and caring about the environment?
Can we take our scientific knowledge to the afterschool activities? YES!
First try:
• The Science teacher conducted a Science lesson outside the school building.
• At the end of the lesson the students had to evaluate how they understood the topic. The score of understanding was higher than usually and later on it was also proved by the results of the self control work.
• So, to change the usual lesson environment into an outdoor lesson environment can be fun and even more productive.
• This conclusion came as a result of the investigation done during the session with the school’s psychologist.
• We tried this new approach and we liked it.