IO 4 – Integrating Open Science Schooling in Secondary Schools – Policy Recommendations

Re-thinking science education and re-engaging young students in science learning is very high on the Commissions agenda.

What we do NOT have is practical evidence on how to do this in practice. Little guidance building on practical experience is available to secondary schools and science teachers. This is the background to the project’s policy paper.

The policy paper addresses policy-makers at all educational levels, but also researchers engaged in designing strategies for the practical implementation of innovative science learning.

The policy paper intends to provide recommendations for policy on how to support secondary schools and science teachers in their efforts to engage in experimenting with open science schooling, but also to give input to research designing strategies to overcome obstacles and to help schools and teachers tackle the many challenges involved in this cultural revolution.

Summary of IO 4: Recommendations for policy-makers on how to support the integration of open science schooling, including recommendations for further research, experimentation and testing.