Young Co-creators

IO 3 Young co-creators is not specifically about science learning, but about how young students experience the change from being objects of the educational system to being the subject of change and innovation.

The outcome will deliver a mosaic of student experience collected from the long, epic and immersive project experience – from participating in European partner meetings via collaboration with local science center to the production of the project Movie.

The final outcome will combine two different narrative forms:

  • real-time raw material produced along the project progression
  • retrospective reflection evaluating the personal and educational development

The students’ co-creation teams will not produce such material automatically: they will need strong guidance. Therefore the project will ask practice partners to appoint a Young co-creators guide from the participating local teacher teams.

This guide will work closely with the knowledge partners and will accompany the local student teams along the project progression and help them create such personal reflections – in real-time a well as retrospectively.

Summary of IO 3: The young students’ personal documentation of their involvement in the project, in the local open science schooling activities and in the co-creation of project results.