Students’ Narratives

Young Co-creators

Executive Summary

Young Co-creators (intellectual output 3) is not specifically about science learning, but about how young students experienced the change from being objects of the educational system to being the subject of change and innovation. The outcome delivers a mosaic of students experiences collected from the long, epic and immersive project participation – from joining in European partner meetings, to close collaboration with local science center, to the production of the project Movie (the entire document is available for download clicking on the image above).

This document combines two different narrative forms:

  • real-time raw material produced along the project progression (captured through the students’ diaries, videos and pictures of their learning adventures)
  • retrospective reflection evaluating the personal and educational development (captured during the OSS Mobility 5-days event, 2019, as well as during the final TPM in Greece)

The manuscript is organised according to the OSS framework deployment, highlighting the students activities in each pedagogical process: problem identification and contextualisation, knowledge and competences acquisition, documentation and sharing. The activities carried out by each student team are unique to their context, culture and environment. The document portrays their learning adventures in their voices as represented by the narrative they wrote in their own languages.

You can download the entire document or each country-wise chapter by clicking on the image accordingly:

Executive Summary of the document




Note: conclusions and recommendations are found in the final chapter School Team Catalunya Spain