Open Science Schooling – The Movie

The 30 minutes Open Science Schooling video will provide secondary schools, science teachers, local communities, families and students with a totally different experience than the Guide, primality addressing science teachers directly.

The outcome is extremely important, as only dramatized story-telling will be able to describe, capture and create and understand of how open science schooling links to the identity and personality development of the young students.

The video will be a narrative movie describing the 30 months project in dramatized form and including very many personal testimonies and personal points of view. The movie is therefore expected to have a very large audience and will be shared large-scale through social networks.

The movie will be composed from raw material produced along the project, in particular from the 20 months Green period . As the movie is depending on real-time creation of raw material, the project will guide student teams, teachers and practice partners towards ensuring the creation of such raw material in connection with all interesting local activities.

To this end a small movie guide will be available to all participants in the project’s kick-off phase.

A considerable part of the 5 days learning mobility is devoted to the evaluation, editing and elaboration of produced raw video materials, but will also be able to produce additional elements to the final movie.

The movie will precisely as a dramatic presentation include very emotional, personal and spontaneous reactions to pen science schooling from the key players in the science engagement scenarios – from boys and girls, from science professionals, from teachers and from the students’ families.

The combination of the didactic oriented guide and the personal experience oriented Movie is indeed expected to be very powerful resource for science teachers, but also for many wider audiences interested in open science schooling and co-creation.

Summary of IO 2: The narrative and visual presentation of the project’s open science schooling experience – co-created by the young teams.