Fostering Re-engagement in Science Learning through Open Science Schooling

Open Science Schooling

Fostering Re-engagement in Science , Learning through Open Science Schooling…


“Open schooling” is where schools, in cooperation with other stakeholders, become an agent of community well-being; families are encouraged to become real partners in school life and activities; professionals from enterprise, civil and wider society are actively involved in bringing real-life projects into the classroom.


The Commission calls for the development of new science learning didactic, based on an Open Schooling approach, in which science learning processes are strongly linked to the students’ participation in real-life science challenges in society and in real research and in innovation circles. This is why the project is called Open Science Schooling, combing the need for re-thinking science learning with open schooling didactic.


Science disengagement takes place in secondary school and typically when the students are from 12 to 15 years old, indicating that science resistance is strongly linked to the development of the students’ identify and personality. This is why Open Science Schooling targets secondary schools, providing students with the opportunity and resources to develop a different image of what science is!

Itellectual Outputs

Guidance taking schools through the different steps in Open Science Schooling, offering practical examples and useful advice – presented attractively in open virtual formats and media forms.

The narrative and visual presentation of the project’s open science schooling experience – co-created by the young teams.

The young students’ personal documentation of their involvement in the project, in the local open science schooling activities and in the co-creation of project results.

Recommendations for policy-makers on how to support the integration of open science schooling, including recommendations for further research, experimentation and testing.

Our Work

Mobility 2019

Dear students, teachers and partners! Our OSS mobility is perhaps the most important event in the project. Why? Because during...

A Solar and wind energy in the Madeira Island?

In this activity the team of students had the presence and dynamism of the Engineer José Carlos Magro, Renewable Energy...

Escola Básica e Secundária Gonçalves Zarco Field trip to IPMA

In the morning of 30/03/2019 teachers and students from Escola Básica e Secundária Gonçalves Zarco that work on this project,...

Open Science Schooling in Gironella

The students from IES Pere Fontdevila created some videos to demonstrate where you can find science in their region, Gironella....

Open Science Schooling in Portuguese TV!

Our Portuguese Partner Escola Gonçalves Zarco informed us that our project featured on Portuguese TV! A television channel made a...

Platon Schools visit to Gerovassiliou Winery

Our students while working on their Erasmus+ project “Open science schooling”, wanted to learn more about wine making, so we...

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